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the end of a chase

i was 24 years old when i started this blog. having grown tired of blogger’s lack of refreshing new templates (and my inadequate coding skills), i made the switch to wordpress. i spent 3 years on blogger and twice the number of years here. adding up the short time spent at easyjournal (my first blog!) and xanga, i have blogged for a good 10 years! (even if i was not always consistent in penning down my thoughts on the internet.)

all that blogging in the last 10 years did not yield major improvements in my writings skills or made me famous but this past decade has definitely brought about significant and wonderful experiences that helped made me who i am today. the twenties were not as exciting as what i have imagined – my early twenties were confusing, stressful, depressing and angry; the mid twenties presented a turning point for me to end a long list of self-inflicted emotional turmoils; and the end of the twenties opened me up to the happiest period i have ever had in my entire life.

the landscape of my inner world experienced its biggest shift in the last one to two years that i sometimes feel that life can be categorized into before and after 28 Jan 2011. the subsequent effects of the momentous day only became apparent a year later. perhaps, that’s the reason why blogging has been very difficult in the last 2 years. this space was created for me to vent and share my thoughts and, evidently, there were more things to vent about and more time to share in the beginning of this 6 year blog affair. while many others see a blog as the one place to document enough thoughts to re-visit at an older age, i see every blog as a different stage in my life. this space has served its purpose in being this great memory bank for my challenging twenties and i honestly feel that it is time for me to move on (instead of finding new ways to motivate myself to blog here).

there are different milestones to achieve at different stages in life. i am filled with excitement about being 30 (and i haven’t met anyone who is not excited about it) because it is such a good and important time to take stock and see how you can take everything you have built in the last 10 years even further. there are enough professional and personal endeavors to keep me focused and occupied for the next few years and it would be interesting to see how i go about achieving them.

if most of my twenties were spent chasing after liberty, i would like my thirties to be a decade of creation, of knowing my identity and settling comfortably into it, of curating relationships, values, beliefs and material things so as to be the best that i can possibly be.

this new journey may or may not be documented in another blog. commitments are hard to keep. for now, i am very happy to wrap this up after 6 years.

a new chapter in life awaits. 30 begins!


where to go from here?

i think i have outgrown blogging. started the year with the intention of posting at least a monthly entry but it turned out making one for a quarter was equally hard. it isn’t because there is nothing to write about but it is no longer as easy as it used to. most of the time, it ends up with me asking myself this question “…and this post of my thought or an experience is important or worth my effort because…?” after which, i would probably end up putting down the key points in my journal for future reference. 

still, i never quite gave it up because it is such a pity to not continue something that i have kept going since july 2007. 

happy 6th year, starcrash. i wished i knew what to do with you. 

10 suggestions for life

listen to (or read) ben bernanke 2013 commencement speech if you have a chance. i thought it was a really humbling and compassionate speech.

couldn’t agree more on life being a life long project of developing oneself as a human being and i couldn’t help but think of my meritocratic Singapore when he questioned about the fairness of meritocracy.

he really got to me when he started talking about how people who are most worthy of admiration are folks who have coped most courageously in the face of adversities – people with little schooling but who through honest and diligent labour, has managed to clothe, feed and educate their families deserved greater respect and greater help.

reminded me of what henry james once said “3 things in human life are important. the first is to be kind, second is to be kind and third is to be kind.”

taylor swift to the rescue

my headache went away when i listened to taylor swift’s “tim mcgraw”.

one of the more heartfelt voices i’ve heard in recent years. it’s so nice to know that she writes her own music and writes it so well!

unknown to many people, i love country music, country life and the country side. i even love apartments done up country style.

it is always so homely, so warm and so full of love to me. it makes me think of horses, lakes, farms, roast chicken, cakes, white sun dresses and family.

taylor swift warms my heart.


time sure flies

i just realised i haven’t posted a single entry for a month…and boy, june is just 2 weeks away.

time flies when you’re busy.

have done plenty in the last one month. i will write more when i: –

  1. want to write
  2. am not sleepy/tired

on another note, i think another job change is coming soon.

everyone is leaving and i don’t want to be the last.