gone from facebook

i’ve finally deleted my facebook account! unfortunately, its effect will only be made permanent 14 days from now.

first deactivated my account on 11 feb 2013 only to find myself re-activating it a week later to accept friends’ request. however, that didn’t stop me from removing the app from my iphone or restricting my logins from the macbook to no more than 4 times a month.

fast forward to 3 months later, i realized life’s much quieter without the distractions of facebook. and because it is quieter, i find myself happier on most days. and because i now lack a time/boredom killer device, i had to retrain the brain to occupy itself with other means like reading on my kindle, reading more meaningful tweets, reading books borrowed from the library, journaling, thinking about my goals, priorities and habits.

of course, i’m not here to say that you can’t achieve all that with facebook in your life. people react differently to things and i’ve finally come to the point where i genuinely feel that i am not missing out on much without it and that i like myself and my life a lot more when it is absent from my life.

i guess, that’s the most important point isn’t it?



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