it’s been a while since the last “it’s been a while” post

i’ve been meaning to blog but there’s just so many other more important things to do in life.

christmas is nearing which means the time has come to reflect on the past year and make plans for the brand new year! this has always been my favourite time of the year. there’s something so inspiring and exciting about bringing 365 days worth of experiences and moments to a close and knowing in your heart that every brand new year will be your best year yet.

in the midst of doing major cleaning at home but i will blog again before the year end – it’s customary!

to be very honest, i was contemplating shutting down this blog the last few weeks because i am highly aware of how little i am contributing to it. wordpress is still by far a good platform for me but i’m seriously lacking the motivation to come here and blog about my thoughts because i find it difficult to put thoughts into words these days. there’s this disconnect between head and hands that i’ve yet to bridge – i would think SO MUCH and write so little – and between trying to come up with enough sentences to fill an entry, my mind would wander to other activities on hand. i was distracted by ripping cds and reading nytimes this time round…so much for encouraging everyone to be present in the moment.

anyway, i have decided to keep it for a while more because my cousin read my blog and ended up in tears. i don’t know what caused those tears but she made me realize that there are people out there, however few, who reads my blog and feel something that i don’t and that is reason enough to continue.


this post took me 2 hours to complete. just saying.


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