no one you love is ever truly lost

it’s been a long long while since i’ve felt any heartache or tears while reading a book but paula mclain’s “the paris wife” did it for me. there’s something very heartbreakingly moving about remaining dignified and having the courage to let go of a relationship when the core that once held it together is falling apart. with hadley richardson (hemingway’s first wife) as the voice of the story, the book cast a whole new light on ernest hemingway and his wife hadley, just like how reading the biography of f.scott fitzgerald changed how i felt about the great author of “the great gatsby”.

it was a great read. impossible to put down once their life starts in paris and sometimes difficult to continue reading because of the betrayal that is to come.

i’ve also just realized i have finished reading 6 books since mid october and i am afraid i’m running out of books that are not related to personal development to read. maybe this is the time to visit the public library or download free e-books. speaking of e-books, after finishing “black beauty” on ibooks, i realized the pleasure of reading is diminished when reading a story on a electronic device. it just takes the quaintness out of the activity and i’m not sure if it’s something i can overcome. there’s something really charming and joyous about holding a book, flipping it pages, running your fingers over the printed words, examining the front and back cover, reading the reviews and acclaims or even something as mundane as putting a bookmark between the pages.

can’t help but wonder what will happen to books 5 years from now. hopefully, they would still be around.


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