iphone 5 cover

gave in and got myself my favourite iphone 5 cover. i couldn’t bring myself to buy this when i had iphone 4s because i considered it a pricey cover my more than 1 year old phone. was quite happy to see the same cover for iphone 5. 🙂

was reluctantly to get the slim phone covered but had to accept that:-

1. the phone keeps sliding off my hands because of its smooth edges

2. i have difficulty noticing the black phone when it’s in my black wallet or when it is placed on a black table.

3. i never know whether my phone is in my pouch because it is so light…i guess a bit of added weight wouldn’t hurt.

4. sometimes the phone get so hot (when 3G is weak and it’s working overdrive to retrieve data) it’s hard to continue holding it without a cover.


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