it’s been a while

i’m not very interested in blogging these days. i don’t feel excited or inspired by much of what is going on in my life to share my thoughts here on my blog. i’ve been writing in my journal once in a while though because it is much more intimate and the process of writing, as compared to typing, is much more therapeutic.

on my Q42012 challenges,

a. i’m reading more news than before but still not a daily basis.
b. still not being as spontaneous as i should be on certain things.
c. not waking up at 7.30 on weekends but i’m at least not sleeping till 11.
d. not running or swimming weekly yet.
e. i made oatmeal last week and it tasted terrible – no amount of banana, blueberry, vanilla extract, milk & honey could make it taste better. a few has suggested adding condensed milk and egg – i would try that next week.
f. still redefining the way i see things
g. minimum bank balance is going fine
h. i have not signed up for guitar lessons.

i still have 2.5 months to achieve it!

and these are probably some of the better and more interesting moments in the last one month since i stopped blogging:-

1. getting my new iphone 5 (it is considerably an upgrade from my previous iphone 4)
2. being insanely courageous and getting a positive answer
3. spending the F1 weekend with my family at pan pac.
4. being honest with the department head about what i thought about work.
5. handing over the last 400 bucks (all $5 notes) with a hand written note to my good friend.
6. getting my hair trimmed
7. booking a trip to bali without giving it much thought. i am probably only spontaneous in this aspect. 5 days to vacation!!
8. cooking scrambled eggs and failing it! still finding ways to make it creamy enough. figuring out how to make oatmeal taste better. spending weekend mornings cooking something.
9. drinking lots of starbucks vanilla latter. the drink does makes me happy.
10. drinking erdinger and eating grilled sausages & mashed potatoes one weekday evening with close friends at work.
11. listening to a friend talk about her trip to bhutan. i think her 11 day trip gave her a lot of things to think about. she recommended me a book to read – “the tibetan book of living and dying” by sogyal rinpoche. there’s a very high chance i’ll buy and read.
12. watching a few episodes of “the office” every other evening. i’m at season 3 and i must say jim, pam & dwight are my favourite characters. how can anyone not love jim??!! sigh.

i guess it wasn’t that bad a month. it’s hard to remember the little things that bug you on a daily basis after a while because they are not important…and if they’re not important, i really have no reason to let it bug me on a daily basis, right?

be happy!



  1. Kiersten

    Looks like you have some good goals! What if instead of running or swimming, you took a brisk 20 minute walk a few times a week? While not running or swimming, this action will still build up the habit of exercising, which then makes it easy to shift to a different type of workout! And I hear ya about lacking motivation and inspiration. Fortunately, that lacking only lasts for a season, and soon you’ll find yourself fired up again and ready to conquer your world.

  2. chloe

    thank you for the suggestion and encouragement! will give brisk walking a try…even though it’s going to be hard to do that with my heels and working bag. 🙂

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