wrapping up the year with challenges for growth

it’s amazing how time seemed to fly by faster with each passing year. sometimes, i wonder if the speed at things is passing by is directly related to the amount of things we are getting done everyday. a year took forever to finish it’s turn when i was kid but these few years has been a mad rush to accomplish as much as possible, however purposeful or trivial the accomplishment is.

i have been thinking what my next challenge should be after having completed my first 3o day challenge 2 weeks ago. taking a picture everyday was fun …for a while. i don’t think there was immediate growth but doing that for 30 days did make me realize a few things:

– i’m not big on taking pictures and i love analogue photography more than any other kind of photography.

– i don’t really like turning on the macbook every evening after a long day of starring at the PC in the office (yes, i know could have made posted the entry via iphone but the layout always looked weird)

– food and good company makes me really happy and are usually my best happiest moment of each day.

– i spent too much time and energy at work and it is usually the first thing that comes to my mind when reflect on the day.

– i am conscious about taking photos in public, especially in crowded places.

– aside food and good company, i find it hard to capture the myriad of emotions that run through me when i am listening to my music – that takes up about 3 solid hours every weekday and it is probably the only time (other than being at home and in bed) where i feel safe, happy and completely relaxed.

decided today that i will not stick to the usual 30 days challenge but will instead give myself a few challenges for the last quarter of 2012. there are a few things that i would like to do for personal growth but not everyone of them needs to be done or thought of actively on a daily basis. here’s the list:-

  1. starting tomorrow, i would read the news every morning and evening during the commute to/from work. it’s a habit that i have been trying to cultivate for the longest time but i have never succeeded. i find it impossible to read the news even when the morning papers are given free at the stations, when it is available 24/7 on the internet and when it is so easily accessible with a smart phone. i bought the economist to read during my journey to work and that didn’t last for every long even though i found the magazine to be quite interesting. i’m going to give it another shot and this time my reading choice is the iphone app “flipboard”. what a gorgeous and useful app – had it on my phone for a while when i wanted to try to read more news but i never stayed long enough with it.
  2. be spontaneous and just say yes – to meet up, outings or anything that comes my way. this was suggested from a friend who thought i worry and read too much out of every situation – nothing is ever that big a deal! what she wanted me to do was to approach everything situation in life with an open heart and an open mind without being bogged down by my own expectations and anxieties. she wanted me to learn how to enjoy each and every PRESENT moment instead of obsessing about it before or after.
  3. wake up by 7.30am during the weekends. such a waste to sleep till noon.
  4. run or swim for 30 minutes at least once a week.
  5. figure out how to make delicious oatmeal and stick to eating them.
  6. redefine the way i see things – what is written in this article is well worth practicing. i will start with strategy #7.
  7. keep to a minimum bank balance of X amount. this was suggested by charlene.
  8. sign up for guitar lessons.

shall keep to 8 and add on only after i’ve manage to make them a habit.

it is good to have something to focus on. 🙂


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