day 30 : photo diary

unfortunately, i forgot to take a picture on the last day of my 3o day challenge. i guess even 30 days doesn’t make a habit.

it wasn’t a good day at work and i could feel tears welling in my eyes as i retold the day’s woes to my good colleague. there must be a reason to all of these but i am unable to see them now. all i know is that my tolerance is at an all time low (a result from work burnt out) and i’m increasingly frustrated with myself and the demands that i have to meet.

i didn’t leave the office until 10.30pm. i didn’t have dinner until 11pm.

i’m sure there are many out there who had it worse than me – people who had no homes to return to or people who had to go to bed hungry – but that wasn’t a perspective i was able to see last night.

i saw this while searching for a picture for day 30 and it made me smile.

i guess life isn’t always as bad as it seems.

cheer up!!


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