day 21 : photo diary

woke up on saturday and decided to put work aside until sunday. i knew i was in denial but i guess it was ok as along as you admit to being in denial and that you’ve set a time for your own return to reality.

the day was wonderfully spent in good company. charlene is a great shopping buddy – i don’t know how she does it, through the time spent together or her genuine interest in understanding someone – she now knows what i mean when i say “this is so me”. shopping is made easier with a buddy like that. i went out with a shopping list and am proud to say that i did not buy any item that was not listed in the list although that doesn’t change the fact that the purchases set me off my budget a little. one always need a pair of comfortable nude pumps (2 pair of heels broke on me), hair dryer (mine died on me), bedroom slippers (mine was all torn and tattered), socks and camera strap.

i was ready to start work on sunday after spending the whole saturday eating, shopping, watching movie and playing monopoly deal. sometimes, you need a little bit of fun and relaxation to regain back the strength to face the multiple challenges at work.


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