day 14 – photo diary

woke up earlier than usual on a saturday morning and took the bus to the postoffice to register a mail. there’s something about listening to john mayer while sitting in a relatively empty bus on a quiet morning because he managed to remind me of moments i have forgotten.

i passed by the temporary bus interchange everyday before getting on the train to work but seeing it on saturday reminded me of a conversation i had with my mum earlier this year. my neighbourhood is undergoing a series of upgrading – after living here for 28 years, we are finally going to have a new bus interchange that comes with a condominium and a shopping mall. we had our first small mall last year. am i excited? not entirely, especially when you come to the realization that your once quiet and idyllic neighbourhood will soon experience the congestion and noise you see in other areas. to my mother, this series of change is long overdue. she told me when they (she and my dad)  first decided to purchase a flat in this area, they were promised exciting and new facilities for the neighbourhood but it never did materialized until now.

3o years is a pretty long wait so i asked her whether she was disappointed with the promises that didn’t happen and she understandingly talked about an economic crisis years ago that shelved many estate improvement plans. no sentiments of being shortchanged. they just continued building their lives with what they had for the next many many years. other than property values not being as attractive as those in better furnished estates, i don’t think we missed out much in life because of the lack of convenience or excitement. quietness can sometimes be very nice.

i was also reminded of a time in my life where the postoffice was an exciting place for me to be when i was there yesterday. this was a place where i would go to send mails to my friend/s in the states. i think i sometimes collected packages from the postoffice too. it was a place of much anticipation – getting the postage and dropping it into the box for overseas mails and hoping that the other side of this world would receive it very soon. i have a soft spot for receiving items in the letterbox and because people rarely snail mail now, the next best way to experience such mailbox excitement is buying stuff online and waiting for it’s impending arrival!

being around this part of the neighbourhood also brought me back to my schooling days where we would hang out at long john silvers all the time. dining at pizza hut then was considered a really special treat. these 2 eating areas are the last places i would go now because there is so much more spending power and dining options now.

decided to take a slow walk home after breakfast at mcdonalds. it was a nice way to spend saturday morning. just slightly better than spending it under covers in bed. 🙂


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