day 11 – photo diary

i’ll be honest and admit that i totally forgot about taking a picture for today. i’m reluctant to browse through my photo album for a photo just so that i look like i have completed my 30 day challenge flawlessly. i guess you really need 21 days to make a habit.

capturing moments that left an impression or take your breath away on a daily basis is hard. taking up this challenge made me realize a few things. i am undecided on whether my life is so utterly boring that there is nothing much to capture or that i am so distracted by the demands of my daily life that i rarely stop to notice anything. that sometimes the things or people that made your day is hard to capture discretely. that it’s hard to find 30 new things over the course of 30 days that had an effect on you and have them frozen in time especially when you take the same route and do the same thing day after day.

as much as i’d like to cut myself some slack for being forgetful or finding the everyday life so boring, i do agree with the belief life is what you make of it. i’m sure i’ll find something interesting and lovely if i live everyday with a sense of wonder and gladness.

looking back at today, i guess i could have took picture of the homemade scones that i had for breakfast. they were the leftovers from my colleagues home tea party and it still tasted delicious despite looking more like a huge cookie than an english scone. 🙂 or that i could have attempted to capture the feeling i felt when lunching at a coffee shop this afternoon. we took a cab to a eating place that was probably a 30 minute walk from the office – i felt really peaceful because it was not as crowded or warm as the food centre. it made me feel like i was very far away from work, from it’s woes and its frustrations.

i guess each day does have its moments. i just keep forgetting to capture them.


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