day 9 – photo diary

3 friends who spent 3 years together in the school of accountancy and another few more years studying for acca. halfway through the acca course, me and nikko purchased 3 of these key chains hoping that someday, when all the years of slogging in school comes to an end, we would find a job, do well and become successful accountants.

together, i think we have already worked a total of 25 years since graduation and the dream of being a millionaire accountant is pretty unattainable at this point in time unless we strike the lottery. everyone has achieved humble success at work in the last few years and it is heartening to know that everyone is doing sort-of well.

after spending almost 10 years doing accountings in small and big firms, do i still dream of becoming a millionaire through my profession? neh. at this point in time, i’m not sure if i still want to continue doing what i am doing and i’m not sure if i want to be a millionaire.

my desires in life gets simpler and simpler with every passing year and i find myself wanting different things – still craving the same freedom but definitely not chasing after material things in life. i find myself remembering the words of tim ferris, “people don’t want to be millionaires, they just want to experience what they believe millions of dollars can buy them.”

older friends around me, who were once in the accounting profession have all quit their jobs or have made plans to quit their jobs to proceed with “following their dreams” or “taking a break.” i think it’s a road people take at some point in their life but i don’t want to wait till 40 for this to happen. surely, with some effort and determination, it will happen soon enough?



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