day 2 – photo diary

my meals for today. clockwise from left – lunch, breakfast and dinner.

few interesting things to note:-

1. the only meal i finished today was the breakfast made by my dad. i am thankful to have someone prepare breakfast for me every day before i go to work. from conversations with my friends and colleagues, i realized many of them do not have this luxury.

2. the amount of money paid for my starbucks dinner can easily buy me 2 egg mayo sandwich set (6″ sandwich + drink + chips/cookies). i think i will have to stop eating at starbucks before my gym sessions. the food is just not worth the amount of money!

3. japanese ebi tempura is always delicious! i am however unsure sure is this a sign of old age or more discerning taste buds, food served in restaurants there days are always a little too salty or too sweet. with every passing year, i’ve grown to appreciate the freshness of home cooked food – you can actually taste the food and this is honestly more motivation for me to continue picking up cooking skills from my mum.


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