day 1 – photo diary

inspired by matt cutt’s 30 days challenge, i have decided to take a picture a day for the next 30 days and here’s day 1 of the picture challenge:-

this is the study table that my dad got me when i was 12 years old. i was staying over at my granny’s place when he bought the table so me and my sister were really delighted when we came home to see 2 tables in the living room waiting to be shifted into the room we shared.

the grey chair with wheels came much later – it came because we were envious of the chair my dad has as his chair was much more comfortable than ours and it had wheels! one afternoon, he surprised us again when he came back with 2 of these chairs.

me and my sister spent many days at the table doing our homework. we had sometimes do a big clean up and switch tables when we got bored of our  own studying areas. these days, we are hardly there choosing to work on our laptops at the dining room instead. what used to be a place where we spent most of our time is now a place to house our ever increasing personal belongings.

took this picture this afternoon because, for some strange reason, my mind went back to the afternoon where my dad came back with the chairs and a wave of emotions rushed through me.

i’m not the greatest or the most patient daughter but from time to time my mind goes back to the past and i remember him buying us things we wanted (tables, chairs, roller-blades, disc man, computers…), teaching us things we didn’t know (cycling, swimming) and getting rid of things we did not want to deal with (rubbish and insects). there was a time he could do or buy a ton of things for us. now he is old and retired and it is our time to do and buy a ton of things for him – something which i do but never with as much ease or generosity but i will continue to try.


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