when everything comes together

life is sometimes more than just a series of coincidences. i’ve always believed that it’s the universe acknowledgement of or its agreement with your thoughts if you came across something that you have been thinking about in your mind for a while. when that happened, i can feel the bulb in my head light up.  or it could be the universe trying to send you a message if you find yourself repeatedly bumping into the item or person more than once in a week.

on books…

i believe i’ve came across james joyce’s masterpiece “ulysses”  at some point in my reading life but i’ve never made the effort to read or remember the classic. it was never a book that was on my mind but for some strange reason, this book was mentioned 3 times in the different things i read during the week. i first saw it in leona lo’s biography “from leonard to leona” – she mentioned that it was james joyce’s stream of consciousness writing techniques that urged him to make the full switch to a female. i saw it again when i signed up for a local book club online – it’s a group where people meet up to discuss on the books suggested as their monthly reads – and “ulysses” was listed as one of the books to read a few weeks back. as if this 2 incidents wasn’t enough, i saw it again (!!) when i was scrolling mindlessly through my twitter feeds – the economist ran an article on 16 Jun (being Bloomsday – the day in which everything happened in the book) on why everybody should make time to read “ulysses”. i’m not sure why i had the luck of reading an article published in june 2012 in august – someone must have re-tweeted it.

i’ve marked this as one of the books to read this year.

on travels…

was at starbucks on thursday grabbing dinner before gym and picked up july’s herworld from the shelves for some entertainment. came across an article on travel getaways to all that places i’ve been wanting to go for the longest time. not only that, it wrote about something which i’ve been wondering for a while. i’ve all these grand travel plans but hardly any travel buddies. was wondering for a while, aside from traveling as a backpacker, is there a platform for me to find traveling buddies and the article recommended “stiletto’s travel“. am happy that such a thing exist! even happier that one of the founder is an accountant, like me!

on rest and writing…

a good friend recently gifted me with this book “power in rest“. of course, the author’s definition of rest is a little bit different from mine but i still let out a squeal of delight when i got the book because i’ve been trying to plan for my sabbatical. this dream is take a break and travel is almost 8 years old. just like many of the things i wanted to do in life, i never got around to seriously planning for it until recently. his intention of giving this book was to share with me his friend’s journey in getting the book published and that i will be inspired to do the same for myself. i’m not a novelist and i can’t tell a story to save my life neither do i know anything well enough to write a book about it. what i do have are the handwritten thoughts that i have given away to people. why anyone else would want to buy my thoughts is beyond me. publishing a book it’s one of the to-dos that have really fallen down on my long list of priorities because people who think i write well or am capable of writing well obviously have not read enough. ha-ha. having said that, i cannot deny that writing a book is a nice idea for the matt cutt inspired 30 day challenge.

things are slowly happening. i appreciate seeing roads being paved for my future.


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