a time of sowing

it has been quite a satisfying week and today is one of the rare days where the joys i am feeling came from just doing my favourite and little things in life.

quite strangely, i don’t remember much of what happened at work from monday to friday other than the fact that i cleared a fair bit of work by making the decision to continue working despite the country’s 47th birthday. it’s hard to register anything about work these days because too many things happen too quickly. the madness is both frustrating and rewarding at the same time. in the early days, you felt the rewards more readily and easily. these days, it takes one hell of an effort to detach yourself from the frustrations.

it is during times like this i re-focus my energies to improving my personal life. resumed my gym sessions after a 6 weeks hiatus and am glad that my body is still capable of doing the reps i was doing 6 weeks before. after over indulging myself all through my birthday month, i am determined to get myself back into shape. i never would have thought i would live to make a statement like this but i did miss working out during my month long absence. all that eating and not exercising made me feel like a sloth and i’m glad that rekindling the relationship with my gym in 2011 has helped me to realize the benefits of regular exercising. tempted to throw in some stretching classes and swimming sessions on top of my 2 sessions but it seemed a bit of a stretch isn’t it?

to further motivate myself, i bought myself a pair of pink asics running shoes today. someone pointed out to me that part of the sole has fallen off my 3 year old mizuno running shoes…i’m ashamed to admit that i did  not noticed that before. it wasn’t difficult to settle on this pair of asics because there wasn’t many for me to choose from. everyone i asked recommended asics and everyone said the same thing about asics shoes “it is the best but it’s ugly.”

i don’t entirely disagree although this pair looks pretty decent to me! it was the only pair that i liked enough to try. 🙂

had breakfast with charlene at paul before we went shoe shopping. i must say the scrambled eggs and the butter that i requested for my bread were really good but i would only re-visit the restaurant if there was no queue outside and i would not order the over-priced freshly squeezed orange juice again. ha-ha.

spent a bit of time at books kinokuniya. thank good for bookstores because what would a community become without them? i am such a bibliophile. the presence of shelves and shelves of books instantly lifts my spirits. walked away with some foreign magazines and a bunch of stationeries which i probably could do without. but hey, you do what little you can to support the bookstore although i must admit that i’ve bought lesser books from the stores ever since my sister introduced me to the books depository to which i console myself by saying that i am, at the very least, still buying books.

played monopoly deal which stopping for a snack at tcc. tcc has a new menu and the mentari shrimps is a must try! it is so, so delicious and i can’t wait to have it again.

just like how i can’t wait to play monopoly deal again. i found the cards way more efficient than the board game. am so tempted to buy a pack of my own and get my sister to play with me until i get bored with it. i think this afternoon’s session of card games has reignite my interest in card and board games…

earlier this week, i went to exchange for a pair of new klipsch headphones because the one that i got in january this year is no longer working. thank god for 2 years warranty but i am still hoping that the headphones won’t malfunction again or else even i’d think it’s a case of user problem more than anything else. coincidentally, 2 of my really old apple earphones stopped functioning this week and was really glad that the klipsch headphones that was designed for iphone, ipad & ipod works equally well on the macbook too. i can be such a brutal musicophile!

enquired about guitar lessons and i think i’ve more or less decided which school to sign up with but one of my more financially prudent alter ego is asking me whether it is necessary to sign up now when there are financial goals to meet. this same ego is also the voice that is helping me to resist the urge to go on holidays for the rest of the 2012…

life really is a series of, sometimes self imposed, limitations to overcome. these limitations are one of the reasons why life in the last one to two years has been especially introspective. looking inward to find ways to better oneself hardly cost anything but the satisfaction seeing your inner self improve little by little is something money cannot buy.

planting seeds to achieve the essential emotional and financial well-being is something which i’ve been quietly working on the last 2 years. much of it is challenges and milestones are largely unseen by many. even after 2 years, there are still plenty of shortcomings to work on and plenty of long overdue goals to achieve but if there’s anything that i learnt in the last 2 years of looking into myself, it is knowing that i am capable of being discipline and capable of achieving the things i’ve set my mind to do it.

no one said sowing was a one night affair. no one told me it could be so enriching.

“ It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters, in the end. ”— Ursula Le Guin


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