life after turning 29…

is of course still pretty much the same.

but time has suddenly become more precious. i guess it is the same with every passing year and i’m glad every year is more well spent than the last. i can’t believe i used to sit around all day wondering why there isn’t anything interesting to do. now, i sit around all day working and wondering why it is so hard to find time and energy to do the interesting things i want to do.

youth is truly is wasted on the young.

at 29, i wish i had utilized all the excess time i had as a kid to do something useful but, like the saying of a chinese proverb “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. the next best time is now.”, i think i’ve done pretty ok the last 2-3 years trying to make the best of my time since realizing in horror and disappointment the amount of time and money i have wasted on a long list of trivial things in life.

in the last 10 days since turning 29, i’ve listed down a few key things i want and need to achieve by 30 (i have always loved making lists and i fell in love with setting goals and trying my best to achieve them as i got older.) 3 key things are:-

  1. cook
  2. play the guitar
  3. save X amount of money

i have been wanting to do this for the longest time in my life. take guitar for example, i’ve been saying i want to learn that since i was 16 and i never got around to doing that. i feel like i need to do it now just to get it out of my system.

tried cooking with my mother today. i learned to cook rice, stir fry vegetables, deep fry a fish and make the thai sweet and sour sauce to go with the fried fish. am going to try to make it a weekly effort or at least clock 2 cooking sessions with her a month. i’ve written down a list of things i wanna learn from her and am satisfied to have covered a few today.

things i learned today –  deep frying anything is not easy. cleaning the insides of a fish is quite gross – i couldn’t bring myself to do it so i watched while my mother did it. while wrinkling my nose in disgust, i realized i was being quite disrespectful to the fish who had its life sacrificed so i could eat it. i promptly said my apologies.

cooking has been something i’ve wanted to do for a while because the idea of being a domestic goddess is frankly quite appealing to me. i guess widely appealing is just not motivating enough a reason for me to get started on it. what made my resolve to learn cooking stronger was realizing that i had only a year more to 30 and that i cannot bring myself to reach that age and not be able to cook anything except instant noodles with eggs.

reaching 30 in a year’s time also made me realize i will increasingly have lesser time to spend with my parents. my best friend losing his mum to cancer only further cemented my realization. my good friend losing her cousin who is just a few years older than me showed me again how fragile life can be. another good friend whose dad recently had a heart attack reminded me that sickness could also befall on my parents. that thought send my mind to 3 places – what if i missed my mother’s cooking when she is no longer here with me? what if my parents fall sick and i don’t know how to cook for them? what if i lose my mother first and my dad misses her cooking?

such scary but not unreasonable worries. that was enough to shelve the grand idea of going through julia child’s cook books and do the practical thing by learning the basics from my mother first.

as for the last one, well, everyone should save. i don’t want to be in a lousy shape financially even at 30!

so yeah, i have got a few things to achieve by year end and 3 key things to achieve by next July.

time in the next few months should be pretty fruitful and exciting!


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