great week!

so my month long birthday celebration started last tuesday. as usual, i have no pictures to post but it has been a great week. spending time with all these people have given me more questions to ask myself and to be more clear about the goals i wish to achieve before i hit 30 in july 2013. i guess i probably will be spending the good part of 2H2012 figuring that out. that’s the good part. the not so good part? i have forgotten about a lot of things. is your earlier life supposed to be this hazy at age 29?

the raccoons at night safari reminded me of the soft toy i had when i was a kid – understandably, i’ve clearly forgotten i have such a toy but it was my favourite as a kid. it had the cutest face and the cutest tail. being 5 years old seemed like such a long time ago.

drinks session at one altitude was lovely. i think music, weather and having  a place to sit makes all the difference. the company at both visits to the place were great but the experience was different. i was quite blown away by the scenery the first time i was there but totally put off by the music and the people dancing. this time, the music was nice as with the breeze that never stopped blowing. sitting on one of the bench with 2 girlfriends and sipping lychee martinis and mojitos was really nice – it was one confession after another. ha-ha. the dessert that follows are the drinks at “stellar” were pleasant enough. i really appreciate girlfriends, especially those who doesn’t go on and on about marriage or kids but focus more about life as an individual and traveling the world.

had pancakes at BFF (batter fluffy flap) with my friend. quite an adorable shop. because the friend knows the owner of the shop, i had the pleasure of trying 6 different belgium fruit beers. when it comes to fruit beer, peach and lychee are still my top 2 choices. met her again on sunday – she gave me lots of questions to think about financially and that made me dwell a little deeper into the goals i plan to achieve. it’s amazing how questioning mades one realize how little you know about the things you want to do.

had a good catch up with jenice at sushi tei on friday. it’s been forever since i last had dinner with her alone. the last time was probably in early 2011? it’s interesting how we could go from friends/colleagues who spent all their time together to friends who meet up once in a while. i accept the fact that we are not as close as before because the paths you take in life brings you to different places but i am grateful that we are still in touch, still talking and still close enough to have a nice dinner together. i’ll probably try to meet her more often for dinner though. seeing her always made me realize how much we have grown or aged. a huge part of my early twenties were spent in and out of the office with her – those were indeed fun, reckless (me solely) and young times!

pulau ubin with charlene on saturday was truly an experience that i will never forget and will never subject myself to again. refusing to let the rain ruin our cycling plans and inspired by what other cyclists were doing, we bought ourselves ponchos and cycled in the rain. unfortunately, it rained all day and the rain got really, really heavy around 12+ and 4+. we left chek jawa at around 3.45pm and it was long uphill ride/walk. it was around 4pm when i felt my most miserable – the slope was at it’s steepest, the rain at it’s heaviest and my feet at its most uncomfortable – i couldn’t help but laughed at myself for getting into this situation. knowing that muslim cemeteries lay at both sides of the path did not make me feel better! i couldn’t wait to get back to the public jetty. still, for what it’s worth, it was truly an unforgettable experience and am glad to have done this before hitting 30. 🙂

watched “the amazing spiderman” with charlene after cycling. frankly, i didn’t think it was necessary to re-make the spiderman series after only 10 years but i was quite blown away by the movie. it was awesome – loved the energy of the movie and the cast, especially emma stone. 🙂 i would love to watch it again.

it was a great week! it will be a great month!


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