the great american classics

the adventures of huckleberry finn – my first mark twain book and i must say it was a delightful read. i felt my love growing for the boy as i progress through the books even though i find myself constantly worrying about him as he sailed down Mississippi river – i felt like every incident in the book was a near death experience for him but he always managed to weave a story to get himself out of trouble. i love how practical the boy is as compared to  his friend tom sawyer.

reading this book made me wished i had gone on the raft and sailed down river kwai when i visited kachanaburi in late april. i’m definitely going to see the Mississippi river someday and go where huckleberry finn went.

the great gatsby – my first f.scott fitzgerald book. it was a short story and an easy read. i think all readers will like nick carraway and jay gatsby. i read the book with a tinge of sadness because i read fitzgerald’s biography before i started on the book. it saddens me that he was an alcoholic and that he was mostly in a state of drunkenness in the later part of his life. it saddens me to read about the wife’s meltdown. i can’t imagine how difficult those years were and how much of that were reflected in the writings. the movie adaption will be released this christmas and i think they nailed it with tobey maguire as mr carraway. can’t wait!


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