oh, it’s july already!

saturday evening.

i love it when it rains especially when i am kept warm in the safety of my home and knowing that my pleasure things are well within reach. it has been 2 horribly long weeks and as with things that goes by too fast, i do not remember much of it other than desperately trying to complete the many things within the timeline.

it’s really nice to vegetate and do nothing important once in a while – woke up late intentionally, had porridge, finished f.scott fitzgerald’s “the great gatsby”, made myself a hot cup of milo, spaced out for a while and spent the rest of the day with my macbook. i don’t know why but britney spears have been my weekend obsession of late. i just waste hours away watching her videos on youtube when i have the hours to spare. i’m not a fan of her new music but i still adore her as an artist. had the chance to watch “britney: for the record” this afternoon and it made me adore her even more. it’s impossible not to root for this girl after watching what she has to go through! she’s a living example of overcoming odds by staying strong and being resilient! i also loved what she said about making the best out of everything because there are so many people who are having it worse than her and how she hates sitting around and being bitter or complaining about life. what a great girl.

i guess it doesn’t hurt that watching her makes me wanna get up and hit the gym – a place i haven’t visited for 2 weeks because of work. much of life to catch up with and i do hope that july will have more free days for me to celebrate my 29th year on earth. celebration starts next week. i can’t wait! 🙂


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