weekend revival

it’s been a great week both professionally and personally. it helps, it really does, when you have a plan and a goal because you become really focused in achieving them. the obvious downside is that i get a little unfriendly (if i was cold, i’m even colder now) and that i think it’s something i need to balance.

i was contemplating to go away for my birthday but decided against it about an hour ago. tempting as it is to fly off to bali or gold coast for a short getaway, i was suddenly reminded of my financial goals. 6 months left to achieving 2 big goals and it doesn’t even look like i’m getting anywhere near to reaching them – only because it has only been one month since i started setting goals and giving them serious focus! i can’t afford to get distracted by wanderlust now.

spent another weekend on improving and reorganizing my life. in case anyone is interested in what exactly that means, well – in short, it is really spending time enriching oneself. i started the year wanting 2012 to be a blast because i figured i’ve worked too hard and missed too many fun moments between the age of 21 t0 28. there’s no better time to start loving myself a little bit more, especially in the year where i’m turning 29, especially in the last year of my twenties, before three zero comes.

if there’s any aspect of my life that needed me to dug deep and figure out, i’d better do it now. if there’s anyone i wish to get in touch with, i’d better do it now. if there’s anything i’ve been putting off because i’m too ill discipline, i’d better do it now. if there’s anything that is cluttering up my life, i’d better simplify it now. if there’s anything that i need to start building up, i’d better do it now. if there’s anything i still don’t understand but i really should, i’d better go understand it now.

i was pretty enthusiastic about it in the beginning of the year but life, especially the demands of work, has a way of messing around with you from time to time. i found myself drowning in it from feb to april. the trip to bangkok was turning point number 1 – i came back to singapore refusing to work late weekday nights and saturdays in the office but i clocked a few late nights here and there and instead of working weekends in office i worked weekends at home. still, there was significant improvements but clearly not significant enough. turning point number 2 came in the form of an upper respiratory infection that really was a blessing in disguise. 4 days of rest renewed my spirit and gave me enough energy to finalize some of the goals that were drafted earlier. it also gave me back the fighting spirit i needed for work and even though i still feel down from time to time in the last week. the difference is that i know that i have a goal and a life to get back to. somehow, that knowledge makes all the difference.

i didn’t do as much this week. started and finished the book “the time trap” and i intent to put some of the advice to use at work. watched “my big fat greek wedding” and was shocked by my close to zero knowledge of greek culture. i thought all greeks looks like greek goddesses. i looked through my old mp3 library and decided to clean up my current itunes library a little. finding songs i used to listen to in my early twenties was delightful. i’m surprised i didn’t realize this earlier but backstreet’s boys’s “anywhere for you” was the song that kickstart my interest in western music. i was 14 then and it was one of the songs we had to learn during music class. nick carter was my biggest, biggest teenage crush before britney spears came along. aww. caught up with world news. cleaned out my personal email account and completed a few errands. visited my granny. helped my mum colour her hair. continued reading huckleberry finn.

i can do with more weekends like that.

am going to sleep now!



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