the near end of a good 4 days rest

it’s becoming quite a habit – napping at my granny’s place every sunday afternoon. i would visit her, talk to her a little, eat some bread, drink some tea, lie on her bed to read and before i know it…i have dozed off on her bed, sometimes with her lying beside me. she commented today that all i do at her place is fall asleep. 🙂

spent the early afternoon cleaning my desk and the late evening cleaning my beauty shelf. took out some of the stuff i intend to do for the coming weeks from my room to my temporary working area in the dining room. i love being alone at this space, especially when i have the table and the fan all to myself. i feel like i have achieved a lot this year just sitting at the dining table that no one ever uses to eat except during chinese new year. i’ve cleared numerous backlogs from work, finished books, wrote out my life and financial goals amongst other things…i think i can focus better here than in the room.

terminated my starhub broadband subscription this morning. also left a note with starhub that i wanna sign up a new cable tv contract so that there are more savings. i cancelled the world news package too because no one ever watches it so why waste the money. i really think it’s important to look at your bills every once in a while. you’ll be shocked by how much unnecessary money you’re spending.

currently reading “the adventures of huckleberry finn” by mark twain. at page 50+, i’m still trying to figure out why this book is hilarious and cherished by many. let’s hope it gets better with every page. 🙂 also reading “qi! chinese secrets of health, beauty & vitality”, “the money book for the young, fabulous and broke”, “how to win friends and influence people” & “the great office detox”. at the rate that i am going, i might finish every unread book i have by the end of this year. am going to mix my readings with stuff from the library, the internet and book depository.

i’m going to try my best and take the coming work week slowly or else the good rest that i have received over the last 4 days will be depleted before mid week. one of the things i learnt over this 4 days was drawing time boundaries for work and i really need to delegate as much as i possibly can moving forward.

i need to do it. i know i can do it! (it’s amazing what rest can do to your will to fight on).


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