hello, good sunday morning

3 days of medicated rest and zero work sure can make one feel rested. it’ve been a while since i slept so much and so soundly. i finally believe that you don’t need that many hours of sleep if you are happy and can get quality rest at night. i woke up at 6.15am on saturday and 5.18am on sunday without the help of my alarm despite sleeping at almost 1am. this never happens on days where i work long and hard hours. weekdays have me heading to bed earlier but waking up more tired than before.

i wonder what can i do to fix that? it’s so nice to have dinner at 6pm and let your down slowly wind down for sleep by reading or blogging at 9.30pm, as compared to still being in office at 9.30pm! it’ll be quite a challenge to leave at 6pm daily this coming work week but i’m going to try and see if i can still continue waking up at 5 in the morning effortlessly.

lay in bed for an hour this sunday morning before finally getting up to brush my teeth at 6.15am. had bread and drank milo. cleaned my temporary working space at the dining table. did a few pages of brain exercise. finished watching sex and the city (finally! after 6 months) – all that before 9am! after watching all 6 seasons, i conclude that i still like carrie the least out of all the 4 characters but i still love her clothes, her hair, her cosy little apartment and mr big. miranda and samantha is still my favourite for always being so sarcastic, courageous and honest. my fondness for charlotte only started when she met harry – his love made her seemed so much more tolerable and i found her increasingly beautiful towards the end of the season. regardlessly, it’s a wonderful show about love and friendship and it is the first time where i followed a show through the seasons. i guess i’m a dvd and not tv person. i don’t like shows to define the hours in which i have to be home. i like to take my time with the show only watching them when i feel like watching even if it meant taking 6 months to 1 year to finish a show – a lengthy duration which i do not allow for books. am going to watch 6 seasons “24” next. i have a feeling that is going to take me another half a year, maybe even longer.

it’s been a fulfilling 2 days – i’ve finished 2 books, started on another 2, bought a new one online and search for a book online at our national library. i did my net worth position worksheet only to realise i’m not worth much. looked at my financial portfolio and thought it was yawn inducing and surprisingly lackluster. i added items to my financial and life goals and i think that gave me much motivation and clarity. i finally signed up for stumble- upon and i enjoyed stumbling a lot – it’s so nice to be surprised every time you click stumble! i also decided i shall make julia child’s french onion soup next saturday because there’s so many onions at home. also decided to make amex my main cards. and i’m going to call starhub in a short while to end my broadband subscription. i’m even tempted to cancel some of the 5 out of 7 basic cable groups that we subscribed.

one of the biggest time wasting activity i did during saturday was watching britney spears’s 2000 VMAs performance on youtube repeatedly. what an awesome performance. i was 17 years old when i first saw it on tv and i remembered how captivated i was. 18 – 19 year old britney spears was at her finest. i think it’ll take a while before we see another performance that has such sass, confidence and life in it. she was so brilliant then and i think she will become equally great if we give her a bit more time to fully recover from her meltdown.

can’t believe she’s 30 now. can’t believe i’m turning 30 soon.  (!?)

time really flies. all the more to live each day to the fullest!


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