back to ubin

have made plans with charlene to visit pulau ubin next month for a day of cycling. this time round, i will not turn right and head to chek jawa. i would instead turn left and head for the katam mountain bike park and hopefully see the other side of ubin which i have yet to see.

charlene says it can be an early birthday celebration for myself. i think i’m going to cycle to a really gorgeous spot and maybe make a long birthday wish. that’d be nice. i can make a wish by the beautiful quarry or climb up to a viewing tower and send my wishes to the universe in the presence of the great nature.

i hope the quaint coffee shop by the pier is still around because i would love to have afternoon tea over there. the last time i was there, i painted a really a really ugly picture of my favourite tree in ubin. it was a tree i saw and fell in love with immediately at chek jawa. and my friend painted a beautiful picture of a bouquet of flowers and gave it to me as a gift. that gave me the urge to shred my miserable looking tree into pieces…

can’t wait to go back. looking forward to the boat ride!


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