half time

it must be the work stress and the bad weather because i have fallen sick twice within 1 month. surprisingly, 2 days of rest has made me feel very well even though the coughing and the ear block have not gone away.

like all other rest days, i feel sleeping non stop is a waste of time but i keep reminding myself my 4 day long rest is necessary for the busy months ahead.  we have reach the half year mark for 2012 – i’m surprised again by how fast time is passing me by. there is still so much to achieve in the next 6 months for 2012.

i’ve laid out some financial goals which i really want to achieve by the end of the year. they’re probably the most important of all my goals now because it affects the life goals that i want to achieve by 35 years old. then there are the fitness goals that seems terribly hard to achieve because of my work load. discipline and energy sure are rare commodities – these are the 2 things i wish i could buy with money because they’re the most important things to have in order to turn your life around! am glad to be surrounded by people who are giving me the necessary cheers to keep me going.


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