where is the light?

had too many unhappy events at work this last one week and it is a little annoying to have that bit of unhappiness slip into your weekends. what happened this week and the things about to happen in the next few months fills me with a heaviness i can’t seem to shake off – going to the gym/eating my favourite japanese food/drinking my favourite vanilla latte/eating my favourite cookie (all that on saturday noon) only made me feel better for a little while.

even sleeping didn’t help all that much – i woke up to a foul mood and a hazy mind on saturday and the fatigue stayed with me all through the weekend as i struggled to finish my work.

fatigue – this is all i have been feeling the last few weeks. i yawned my way through my gym sessions regardless of how much i perspire or work out, i fall asleep in the bathroom, i take naps every sunday and i spaced out for a long long time when i am not at work. i don’t know what’s happening to me!

gotta get myself back together fairly quickly for challenging times ahead!

work aside, i do find it a huge challenge keeping to my personal goals during stressful times. when you leave the office completely zapped, it takes huge amount of will power to stick to your gym sessions, your goals to save money (no excessive indulgence, no cabs), to remember you still have a personal life to look after.

i am single and i don’t even have kids but i’m already exhausted and complaining. i don’t know how working mothers do it! respect!

it’s 11.20pm and my eyelids have been threatening to fall for the past hour. am heading to bed and hoping that i will reach the end of the tunnel very soon. if that isn’t coming very soon, then please give me strength, good cheer and a torch light during these dark times.


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