catch 22

finished joseph heller’s “catch 22” this evening. what a great, dark, comical book. it amazes me that a book written in the 1960s can still be so contemporary in its prose, style and topics. i loved every page of its satire, dark humour and madness. it’s impossible to not fall in love with captain yossarian who seems to be the only level headed person amongst the military chaos.

i think it’s a book one either like or dislike. i admit that i was a bit confused by the numerous characters that came and went throughout the book and was sometimes annoyed by how repetitive some paragraphs were but i think it kind of sums up the sentiments of a war – confusion and frustration! overall, it’s a great read. it’s humour perfectly timed and deadpanned. every page increased my admiration for joseph heller’s wisdom, humour and intellect.

gosh, i would love to read it again.

yossarian lives!


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