the good life

“the good life may be better lived by doing things than having things.” leaf van boven

tips from greg karp on getting the most out of experience dollars:

  • set goals. imagine yourself at the end of your life and looking back. on your deathbed, would you regret not buying the latest ipod music player or spending more quality time with your children or friends? or, to use a collective american experience, put yourself in the mid-set of the days following the sept 11 2011 terrorist attacks. what seemed important then? most people would value experiences more than the possessions, but it is easy to lose perspective in daily living and spending. so write down your values and your goals, and ways to achieve them. the list will not only give you a road map for spending your money, but also spending your time. 
  • include people. do as many enjoyable activities with other people as you can. include others is a fundamental component to a truly happy experience. 
  • don’t overspend. on a happiness scale, you don’t necessarily get what you pay for with experiences. it has far more to do with the quality of time spent with other people than how extravagant or luxurious the experience is. 
  • spending smarter can free up money. and money can buy episodes of happiness. the key is to spend discretionary money on doing, rather than owning.

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