4 things

4 things i realised (some new, some old) on saturday
  1. i went to newton hawker centre for the first time in my life yesterday and had some of cravings satisfied. i like hawker food but i really dislike having hawker food at the hawker centre. the heat and the smell is just too much for me to bear but i think newton is much more comfortable than chomp chomp. would i go back there again? perhaps, for supper only. i much prefer coffee shops or food republic.
  2. it’s nice going out with friends are are more tolerant and accepting than you because you become more tolerating and accepting in the process. it’s even nicer to go out with friends who accepts you for who you are and offers to keep you in check!
  3. i discovered that starbuck’s luxury fruit cake and potato salad is really yummy. instead of peppery chicken pie or curry puff, i can now have that before the gym!
  4. it’s nice to end any evenings at starbucks. this is the 3rd time i spent saturday evenings at starbucks with charlene and i think i can continue doing this once a month. it just puts you in the mood to talk non stop and talking with the right person can dissipate any negative energy in you!

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