spending smart on saturday

i spent the day doing some of the day gregory karp listed out in his book “living rich by spending smart” and i thought it was quite a day well spent.

  • called up singtel and cancelled $8 worth of value added services which i have subscribed since 2007 but have probably never used. it’s funny, the customer service officer agreed that i do not need it either and that i should downgrade my plan because my usage is so low. she also told me that i had to wait till 29 august 2012 in order to downgrade my plan (which is fine with me) and that i should also call up singtel for vouchers if i do wanna get a new mobile phone.  i also registered our mobile phone lines for the open net bundle pack discount – i would have enjoyed my discounts had i registered my lines 2 months ago. sigh – well, i must have forgot.
  • i cancelled 6 credit cards, 1 debit card and 2 credit lines account. i’m still figuring out which cards i should continue to keep – 2 DBS, 2 UOB, 1 OCBC, 1 StanChart, 1 HSBC, 2 Amex, 1 Citibank & 1 Maybank. i think i would have all the banks card if i didn’t cancel both my ANZ cards but i’m really not interested in having so many cards anymore. it would be ideal to have no more than 6, i think.

insurance is the next thing to look at!

this is probably the first time in my life where i tried to follow recommendations from a book. i wish i have started these habits earlier but better late than never!


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