music discovery

i was watching SNL on youtube yesterday (the beyonce & jay-z skit) and was introduced to a musician named bon iver who was played by the really talented justin timberlake.

youtube a few of his songs and boy, do i love this musician. why have i not heard of him before? some of my favourites – for emma, skinny love, blood bank, blindsided. all his songs are so hauntingly beautiful.

i wonder is it age that makes one like one genre of music more so than the other. growing up, there were many genre of music that i dislike – metal, alternative rock, techno, house – anything that was too noisy was too much for me. i usually like top 40 music but i lost touch with popular music in my mid twenties because i stopped listening to radio.

these days, i visit youtube to see what everyone is listening to but i realized with increasing frustration that i can’t find something i like from many of today’s popular artists. today’s music seems too fast, too loud, too noisy and too sexually charged for a 28 year old, who grew up listening to really great pop songs and old music. so it’s really nice to discover good music (in my terms) from tv shows, movies or youtube that sound nothing like what i hear on radio or peers – music like the civil wars, bon iver, iron n wine.

i’ve always enjoyed folk music, even more so at this age but i never knew where to find them until this weekend when i was scouring youtube for music to listen to – i realised i could find really good indie folk music which i’ve never heard of because there are many videos lists that recommends good indie music!

i’m so glad i discovered bon iver this weekend. now, i have good company during my 3 hour journey to and from work.


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