obama biden 2012

i am not an american. i’m not politically savvy or well informed. mostly it is based on what i hear and how i feel. i must say i really like obama’s speech at his ready to go rally in columbus, ohio. reading the news following up to the campaign, i wondered how he was going to top his 2008 campaign and i wondered how he was going to press forward with all the good that happened or did not happen in the last 4 years. after listening to his speech, i think he’ll do more than fine – the right thing is to press forward, to continue to hope and to continue to change. i like that it is an extension of the great things he said and believed in 2008. i like that he said that we do not need another political fight about planned parenthood, birth controls or who you should love (finally!). there are many pressing issues at hand and i’m glad he chose to focus on that. it was overall a very rousing speech, delivered by a passionate president who looks to me like he really loves america and its people.

gosh, i wish i could vote for him!


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