it’s all in your hands

something i picked up from the book “living rich by spending smart” by gregory karp. for someone who is accounting trained, i’m really quite hopeless and ill disciple when it comes to managing personal finances.

just when i was starting to get a little annoyed by my Number’s and my own complicated spreadsheets, “matt about money” provided something so simple that i can’t believe i didn’t think about it first. i also love that the web url was first “”.

having been tracking my expenses since january 2012 and, as usual, lost a bit of steam by the time i hit mid march but reading this book during the trip to bangkok renewed my motivations by a little. i especially like what he said about keeping tracking of expenses and budgeting:-

“if the money tracking exercise goes well, you might be a candidate to create a full fledge budget. that means graduating from discovering where your money went in the past to telling your money where to go in the future.

i feel empowered just reading that statement! i need to work harder at being discipline or else no amount of money earned will be enough for me.


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