how do you achieve this?

someone posted this on facebook today and its message were being repeated non stop in my head – to the point where i downloaded the picture and out it here on wordpress to blog about it.

2011 was a hectic year at work. there were so many things happening that we as a team were almost out of breath by the 3rd quarter of the year. we expected 2012 to be a quieter year but reasons i shan’t mention here, we are still as busy although i think there’s a slight difference in the things we are running breathlessly after. i have been working long hours and weekends for a few months and as much as i enjoy and love my job, i can’t help but feel a little worn out at times.

i can feel my mind slipping away, the increasing difficulty in paying attention or remaining coherent. lately, my thoughts are all over the place and i would think one thing but say another. like i would look at the word “dog” and pronounced it “boy”. i could relate to articles on dementia and i’m only 28 years old.

the fourth bullet point is what i have been saying to myself for the last many months – all i do is to wake up, go to work and return home for sleep. it is such a sad way to live. one of the 2012 resolution was to have something more interesting to say than being busy at work when i am asked “how have you been?” but it is easier said than done.

i travel, i meet up with friends (not often enough and it’s always the same people out of the long list of people i know), i go for movies, i relax, i read (like 5 mins a day if i can keep my eyes open after a long day of work), i hang out with my mac – i do all that despite the long hours at work but i just don’t feel that it is sufficient because i am only skimming the surface of the things i would love to do. i never seem to have enough energy left to spend quality time on people or myself.

this message is just the push i need to return to my fight against staying late for work. i was doing so well in the first two months of the year and then a change in job scope made me lose my focus and bearings. it’s time to strive hard for the delicate work life balance – am going to print this out and put it beside my desktop.

i must learn to let go, to delegate, to meet deadlines and still get to go home on time. i need to catch up with life!



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