just keep going

it was an afternoon that exceeded my expectations. as usual, i was behind schedule, starting my session at the gym 2 hours late. it was a good and satisfying session. all you need to do when you dread the idea of going to the gym is to keep going until you reach the gym. everything else falls into place after that.

in my rush to hit the showers before it gets too crowded, i forgot all about going to the sauna but it’s ok, i guess i’ll make up for it next week. headed to the quiet starbucks (don’t you love business districts during the weekend!) and spent 2 hours of my afternoon reading Today newspaper while sipping my venti hot vanilla latte. all i felt in the 2 hours was pure unadulterated bliss. mind drifted in and out of work but i brushed it aside immediately, never letting a thought linger in my mind for more than 60 seconds.

in between finishing the paper and going through my planner, i had this strange desire to start saving up for my dreams, to visit the art science museum, to cycle at pulau ubin, to facebook message 5 friends i have not kept in touch with in the last one year, to grab Today newspaper every morning and to kickstart a weekly saturday morning gym/afternoon starbucks routine. there is something about sitting alone at a quiet cafe that rejuvenates my whole being.

and i guess a bit of the rejuvenation came from reading about tiger woods and his game at the masters. i know nothing about golf and was never a fan of tiger woods. i never really followed him through his career highs or lows but i must say i really admire the fact that he is still putting himself out there at the fields despite all that has happened in his life – to lose your family, your career, your sponsorships and your reputation. it takes courage to continue doing what he is doing. i hope he will turn his career around one day. good luck, mr woods!

in life, you just have to keep going. a little effort and discipline goes a really long way.


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