the memory keeper’s daughter

i always feel that a writer has succeeded in telling a story when you find yourself thinking about the characters even after you have finished the book.

john irving did it for me with garp from “the world according to garp” and now kim edwards has done with for me with david henry in “the memory keeper’s daughter.” before i started the book, i thought i’d feel sorry for the people whom secrets were kept from for half a century. in the end, it was the withholder of truths that filled my heart with sadness and longing; paul and phoebe warmed my heart in the final pages of the book. surprisingly, and i’m not sure if it was intended to be this way, i did not feel as much for norah henry.

still thinking of them even though i’ve started on my 5th book for the year. i have a feeling i’m going to remember yossarian fondly too. here’s hoping the awesomeness of chapter one in “catch 22” will continue throughout the book!


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