i am / part of your world

every once in a while you come across a series of advertisement that takes your breath away because you realized you have forgotten how beautiful life can be. it’s easy to forget its beauty even though it is supposed to be part of your every living, breathing moment if one looked hard enough.

i do not own a nikon camera but was completely taken away by its recent “i am nikon” marketing campaign. it is absolutely beautiful and it further fueled my desire to get a Nikon camera.

which moments do you like most? i especially like “i am whatever it takes” and “i am the perfect moment” – there’s something very admirable about the man putting his life on the line and running towards the tornado and the man out in the cold waiting just to capture life’s amazing moments. there’s something about photographers which i like – their patience, determination, courage, focus and quietness – all the virtues i lack because of my ever fleeting nature.

but i have to say my favourite moment was seeing the astronaut float past Earth with the tag line “i am home” before ending it with multiple shot screen of “i am part of your world”. absolutely stunning and moving.


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