between now and then

“Winning is a habit. Watch your thoughts, they become your beliefs. Watch your beliefs, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they become your character.” Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady


i fell asleep briefly during the movie. it wasn’t that the movie was boring – i was, as evident in the number of times i’ve fallen asleep during a movie recently, incredibly worn out. i fell asleep for a little more than a while during “the descendants”, felt asleep for a little lesser than a while during “moneyball”. the lesson learnt? do not watch movies at 11.30pm after a long day at work. one year short of turning 30, i really should refrain from pushing myself unnecessarily. the older one gets, the more important rest becomes.

since the beginning of 2012, establishing routines and forming habits has been one of my bigger priorities for they are the foundations of achieving greater things in life. with age, it is easier to stick to a routine, easier to be more disciplined, easier to get moving and procrastinate less. perhaps, age brings more clarity on what you should focus on and being wiser means you’re even more receptive to new ideas and solutions to getting through to the next chapter in your life.

everything that i have and know now is accumulated from the lost and distracting years of my early twenties. i have made numerous mistakes, turned my back on good advises, be fickle and uncommitted towards most aspects of my personal life. from time to time, i made efforts to better my personal aspirations but i usually am not motivated enough to carry it through. work was by far the easier aspect of my life because i gladly allowed it to consumed most of me – i couldn’t think of anything easier to focus on. for some odd reason, i never could apply the same motivation for work to my personal life until late last year.

i attribute the change to a few reasons:-

1.  i broke free from an emotionally draining bad habit. walking away gave me strength to start focusing on my life.

2. the presence of charlene. both of us have a long list of goals to achieve but the difference between us? she worked on achieving it and i talked about it.

3. the presence of ms prissy. she is 12 years older than me and often uses her current situation as a real life example for me to not learn from.


between now and the last time i blogged about my resolutions, i have:-

> finished reading 3 books and have started on the 4th. my readings happened during the journey to and from work but i realised i didn’t enjoying carrying a book around. the 4 feb edition of “the economist” caught my eye when i was at the bookstore – i bought it because i wanted to read about the coverage on the facebook. surprise #1 – i actually read the business magazine from the beginning to the end. surprise #2 – i thoroughly enjoyed it. i never knew world affairs could be funny. since the local newspaper turns me off and i generally find it hard to read any news online because i never know where to start, i have started the habit of reading “the economist” during my 3 hours journey to and from work – it’s light, it’s foldable and unlike the traditional newspaper, it doesn’t dirty my fingers or bore me to tears. the short time before sleep are spent with my books and the frivolous times in between are on fashion magazines and old copies of nat geo. i think this covers resolution #3 very well.

> painted my toe nails every other week. 2012 is the year to say no to pedicure packages. every single other beauty products are put to use too – some have been included as a routine while some have not. habits are an on-going effort. my wardrobe has been re-constructed, not entirely but enough to keep it fresh for a while. colours, dresses and heels are now a part of me. i would consider resolution #5 a success.

> woke up before 8am on sunday mornings to work on my personal life. for the first time in my entire life, i actually have a budget for the year. looking at it renewed my focus for the 2012 because my resolutions (to be very accurate, they were probably like plans than resolutions), however wonderful it was, required me to have a lot of time and a lot of money, both of which i do not have too much to spare. nothing concrete in the new plans but it’s definitely shaping up to something more focused and more alone the lines of the resolution #1 of taking care of my health. that has got to be the foundation of life, aint’ it? i’ve kept to the habit of eating vitamins every morning and drinking at least 1.5 litres of water everyday (it’s harder during the weekends) and i’m sure there’s more good habits to adopt like sleeping before 11.30pm instead of blogging here at 12.20am.

am heading to bed now. here’s wishing a good week for everyone.

i feel contented today. i guess progress is a really satisfying feeling.


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  1. isolatingspace

    you will also learn to work towards achieving your goals in time to come! positive influences! 🙂

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