true colours

i came across 2 boxes of colour pencils while cleaning my room today. yes, cleaning. (again!) this time around, i was forced by circumstances and not by choice and the circumstance being trails of ants everywhere on my table (again!)

these colour pencils were bought for a book project and i haven’t used it since and i honestly can’t bear to give them away to a kid who might need it more than me. that’s not to say i will not buy kids boxes of colouring materials. i gave them away before but ended up buying them again because i realized i sometimes do need them to turn my incredibly rare moments of inspiration into reality. plus, aren’t colour pencils one of the prettier things to own in one’s life?

while contemplating how not to make a white elephant out of these box of pretty pencils and the dire state of colouring books (mainly cute pictures for kids) available in the local market, it suddenly hit me that i might just be able to buy interesting colouring books for adults on the web!!

i walked away with 3 of them at the book depository! god bless this website for free worldwide delivery.

was on amazon reading some of the reviews on the colouring books and am heartened to know that there are people out there who enjoys colouring a lot more than i do, that there are lots of people who agree that it is a very therapeutic activity and that there is great joy in filling a blank page with colour! to celebrate this new discovery, i got a copy for a friend who shares these sentiments towards colouring.

what a great way to end a day!


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