sunday was lovely

i love sunday evenings, especially the time after dinner and before bedtime. the hours are always spent preparing for the coming week (making sure i have the necessary items in my bag, cleaned out my wallet and mentally plan monday’s work wear) and allowing myself to wind down from the long week with nice long shower, face masks and lotions.

having time to spend on blogging is always a nice end of week treat.

spent the second last day of chinese new year running errands after having a lovely lunch at grandma’s. a pity julianne couldn’t be there – i can always feel her absence when i am at my grandma’s place. note to self: one of these days, i gotta find some time to learn cooking from granny! another note to self: i really need to prioritise what i want to accomplish this year! too many things, too little money and time.

i loved how i utilised my time today. it was about 12.40pm when i was done with lunch and talking to people. i had 2 options – read my book and leave the house just in time for my 2pm appointment or leave right away to run errands and be back before 4 for tea break. i went with the latter. the series of errands that happened later like clockwork – went to home fix for some anti slip pads for my tile coasters and superglue for my accessories then to a korean grocery story for some korean seaweed that the family likes and headed to cold storage for some COMBAT ant killer, and to SASA for some plastic jars for my cream but they don’t carry them anymore and arrived 10 minutes earlier for my appointment which wasn’t a bad thing because they could start work on my immediately. went to get some egg tarts right after the appointment and also made copies of my mum’s identity card for her concession application. took the bus back and was back at grandma’s before 4 for tea break. spent the rest of the afternoon reading my second book for 2012 before leaving for dinner with my family. got home and immediately put the ant killers, super glue and slip pads to use, completed my book and began my sunday evening rituals of preparations and winding down.

gosh. that’s a sunday well spent to me.

i don’t know about you but the older i get the more i cherish weekends. this is coming from someone who couldn’t feel the difference between weekdays and weekend until 2 years ago. we’re all capable of becoming better people. 🙂


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