piano + guitar | piano / guitar ?

on the last day of 2011, i fell in love with adele’s “make you feel my love”. her voice is very soothing to the soul and i thought the use of the piano made the whole song even lovelier.

i felt the urge to pick up what i gave up when i was 14. why didn’t i have the hindsight or discipline to take my piano lessons seriously?

on the first day 2012, i fell in love with aggie “旋转门”. i thought the use of the guitar was very fitting for the song.

i felt the urge to do what i have been wanting to do since i was 17 – learn the guitar.

the reason for the procrastination is because of time, financial and personal space constraint. my mum couldn’t resist rubbing with these words “you should have stuck with it when you were younger – we paid for your lessons and you had all the time in the world to practice. fancy trying to find the time and your own money now.”


my gut feeling tells me that 2012 is the year i’ll finally go sign up for guitar lessons. maybe i really am feeling old, i actually feel that i do not have excess time to spend on procrastination. plus, i feel like my reflexes and coordination has deteriorated quite significantly since i stopped my piano and dance classes.

i need to go learn something before i deteriorate further. besides, to still want it after 10 years must mean something right? well, to put it all for 10 years must also mean something too. ha-ha.

but i’ll never know the answer unless i take the first step to try.



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