on the brink of a new year

it’s going to be 2012 in a few hours time. i’ve always celebrated new year at home because everywhere else is just too crowded and noisy. perhaps it’s age (i’m awfully old for a 28 year old), it’s kind of nice to stay home with the macbook and your parents presence. my close friends are probably doing the same thing – they are either home or at church or at work (yes, you gotta hand it to the people who are in the service industry).

woke up feeling really tired today. it’s a pity i spent most of december either feeling sick or being sick. had myself some wholesome porridge for lunch and went back to my bed. convinced myself that i should not be spending new year’s eve this unproductively so i did the following 3 things:-

  1. finished reading my first Chinese book this year (but i was still feeling tired…)
  2. listened to adele’s “make you feel my love” (could feel a little bit of energy building inside me)
  3. finally got myself out of bed to continue with the cleaning of my room.

at one point of the cleaning exercise, the room i shared with my sister looked like a war zone.

at one point of the cleaning exercise, i wanted to give up and leave the mess as it is. it’s a lot to clean for a person who is not feeling her best but i persevered and there is enough floor space to roll around again.

the older you get the more ruthless you get when it comes to clearing away unwanted stuff. life is an ongoing process of simplifying and de-cluttering. this exercise took me from 12pm to 7pm – so many books, vcds, dvds, board games, soft toys and so much dust to go through.

i felt so physically tired, dirty and hungry by the end of it all that i rewarded myself with a little bit of evening indulgence. after dinner, i had a chocolate muffin and a glass of moscato wine. (i already had a chocolate muffin and some english breakfast tea a few hours before dinner).

today’s one of the rarer december days that had no heavy rains and i felt warm enough to take a long shower – so my hair has been softened by a mask and my body polished, scrubbed and moisturized. it feels good. it’s the little pleasures in life that makes a person’s day eh?

it’s now 20 minutes to a new year.

here’s wishing everyone a blessed 2012. may this be your best year yet.


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