reading list 2011

the first and probably the last time i will do up a reading list. i think i’m better spontaneous. 🙂


one of my resolutions was to read at least 10 books that have been sitting on my shelves for a while because i wanted to curb my habit of always wanting to buy new books when there are still plenty of unread ones at home.

we’re on our way to half time for 2011 and i haven’t got myself started on the resolution because i have been reading newly purchased books instead. took some time to write down my book list for the remaining half of 2011 – looks like the next 7 months will see me doing some pretty serious reading.

  1. the wizard of oz, l frank baum  completed 29 May night.
  2. confessions, st augustine – (gave up when i was half way through the book…)
  3. the thoughtful dress, linda grant
  4. freedom from fear, aung san suu kyi (gave up…didn’t make it past chapter 2)
  5. enjoying where you are on the way to where you are going, joyce meyer (in progress)
  6. creating true peace, thich nhat hann
  7. the bluest eye, toni morrison
  8. 20 something, 20 everything, christine hassler (in progress…very slow progress)
  9. secrets in the dark, frederick buechner
  10. changing my mind, zadie smith (giving up on this for now…)

to make up for the books i didn’t complete, i finished “one day” by david nicholls and “the shack” by william p young


my favourite book in 2011? “secret in the dark” by frederick buechner and “the shack” by william p young.

both books introduced God to me in a brand new way and it also changed my whole understanding on religion. i’ve struggled with the idea of religion for the most part of my life – for the first time in my life, i really feel that it’s ok to not know everything and that giving the best of yourself to this grand thing called life is more than enough.

i’ve also lend out an incredible number of books to a few people this year. this habit started in 2010 and it made me realised a few things:-

1. there is indeed joy in sharing. i’ve become less possessive of my books over the years. i guess with age comes wisdom.

2. it is a wonderful feeling to find a fellow human being who enjoys reading even more than you do. it is even more wonderful when they appreciate your book selections and find something in the books that changes their day or their lives for the better.

3. considering how much i love the idea of touching a book and lending it to people, getting a kindle might not be that great an idea – however attractive the interface is.

and here’s a website i discovered through my twitter feed – nice site for book lovers. hope it’ll last for a long while!



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