perhaps, the most important resolution of all

today is the last day of my long break and i’ve enjoyed myself so thoroughly that i am reluctant to go back to work tomorrow. it’s going to be a long while before a break like this comes along!

there are many people out there who believes that i am a workaholic. what they don’t know is how easily i can let go when i want to. i work hard but i play ever harder. i’m embarrassed to say this but i actually forgot about a submission that was due during my absence. i am incredibly fortunate that a colleague at work helped me with the submission. i am even more fortunate that no one from the office called to remind me about the submission!

managed to get a lot of things done during the long break but there is still so much more to do. on the bright side, the most challenging tasks have been completed – shopping for new clothes, clearing out my wardrobe and my book shelf. the rest of the housekeepings to-do are really just about wiping away dust.

i’m quite satisfied with my purchases. having stopped shopping for clothes for a year plus (because i had no money for shopping), it is immensely rewarding and enjoyable to be able to update my wardrobe a little with the $5 notes i have saved up in 2011. the money might not be enough for a full fledge wardrobe update but it does help a lot. it is nice to save up for something – i guess good things do come with a bit of patience and sacrifice. i am going to continue with my $5 saving plan – maybe i should up the challenge by saving all my $1 coins too. it’s nice to save up for a year end treat!

i guess that brings me to resolution #10 – i must save more than ever. i can’t hit 30 and still be poor!!!

i was cabbing a lot the last few months because i have been so drained from work. this long break was necessary to refresh my whole system. it’s been a long time since i felt good and energized.

am hitting the gym tomorrow – i’m surprised to say this but i’m actually looking forward to it.

it’s been a while!

may 2011 end on a splendid note. cheers to a grander new year!


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