I love my granny but I am guilty of always never visiting her as much as I want to.

Today I learnt that she travels on her own to the poly clinic every 3 months for her check up and to collect her meds.

Just the thought of her taking the bus on her own to the clinic makes me sad. I am immediately reminded of 2 things:

1. My ex boss who would drive his god ma to the clinic every time she needs her meds.

2. The elderly I saw on the bus this morning. You seldom see them during rush hours but I had a chance to be on the same bus as them because I took the day off from work today. It’s tough taking the public transport when you are old and your knees are weak, when you need more time to move around than what the general impatient public is willing to give.

I have gotten impatient with each passing years because, unlike my younger and relaxed years, I seemed to be rushing somewhere all the time.

I was guilty of being impatient when the queue was being held up this morning. I was even more guilty when I looked up to see it was an old man who was trying to tap his ez link card on the reader. I don’t know what took him so long but I was taken aback by my own initial annoyance.

What have become of me? I need to slow down…quickly.

These people could have easily been my parents or my grandma, or my friends’ parents. I would wish for the same patience and understanding to be extended to them when we are unable to be around them.

I know deep down I am not as mean as to not lend a hand to a person in need. But I guess I am surprised by how impatient and annoyed I was. Seriously, most things in life can wait for a little while so why do I feel so rushed? Even on my day off?


Need to slow down and smell the roses.


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