merry christmas & a happy new year

it’s going to be christmas soon. it feels so nice to sit here with a cup of hot milo and feeling the coolness of the rain from inside the house.

my mood is pretty – one tend to appreciate life more after being down with fever for way too many days. my body seems to like going into fever marathons – i’m just glad it’s over and that i’m surely, albeit slowly, making my way back to good health.

there really is nothing more valuable that good health.

that brings me to resolution #1 – take care of your health! 

i shall eat less fried food, eat more fruits, drink enough water, take care of my teeth and hit the gym at least 3 times a week.

to celebrate my recovery, i ordered pizza the minute i woke up, watched a bit of tv, took a christmas eve nap and woke up and got down to cleaning my incredibly messy table. cleaning gives one clarity – i realised i have too many bottles of unused lotions, too many palates of untouched powders and too many paper masks. since throwing it away is such a waste, i’m going to diligently clear them from today onwards.

what’s the point of spending money on products that promises you the world but not use them at all? it would be nice to see if they lived up to their promises.

which brings me to resolutions #2 – be diligent with being beautiful. there’s only one me!

went through some of my recent purchases at prologue and was surprised by the books i bought. (yes, i don’t remember my purchases most of the time). i didn’t complete every book on the 2011 reading list and i have decided not to make a list for 2012 because i realised i do not enjoy following the reading list. halfway through the reading, i realised there were too many non-fiction books on my list and i much prefer fiction. it was a struggle trying to stay with the list.

so to be in line with my theme for 2012 – spontaneity and playful and colourful – resolution #3 says i am free to read any 12 books in 2012. i also plan to read more articles and blog online – there’s so much out there. i need to work my under-used macbook a little.

2012 is also the year to start getting a little domesticated – i need to turn my desire to cook into real cooking. earlier this year, i was given julia child’s “mastering the art of french cooking” as a birthday gift. the gift was given with the intention of making me a better woman and a better woman i shall become! resolution #4 – i shall cook every sunday morning. 

with 2 years left to finally turning 30, i have to decided to be adventurous with my wardrobe. for once, i’m sick of all the neutral coloured and utilitarian clothing that makes up most, if not all, of my wardrobe. i’m going to slowly turn my wardrobe around with colourful and feminine pieces so here comes resolution #5 – rebuild the wardrobe

resolution #6 – to quit saying “i’ve been so busy at work.” even i am utterly turned off by this uninspiring response to the question “so how have you been?” there is more to life than burying myself at work 24/7 so, hopefully, with resolution #1 to #5 happening, i would make an effort to leave work at 6pm and not work during the weekends. that’s a challenge because leaving at 6pm is even harder than doing overtime.

travel, travel, travel! resolution #7 – bhutan, hong kong & hopefully bali in 2012. i love traveling. hopefully, there’s time to go hiking when i re-visit hong kong. how can anyone not love hiking? someone suggested i climb mount kinabalu – i honestly don’t mind but i need to find friends willing to climb with me. i just love the idea of climbing a mountain.

there is possibly an 8th resolution which is to learn guitar and a 9th resolution which is to get serious about doing volunteering work. i started volunteering in 2011 but i feel like i’m doing so little – i feel like i have given nothing back to society. i have no plans yet how to make 8th and 9th more concrete than just an idea in the head.

i guess i’ll stop at 9. 10 seems like an awful lot to achieve in 365 days. there’s a lot money to save! but also a lot of fun to be had.

i can’t wait.

merry christmas!


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