the long weekend

it has been a long while since i took a day off work. it feels good, really good. perhaps, it is because this day off came after consecutive months of intensity at work. it feels nice to mentally check out, to not think about work and to have no reason to turn on the laptop.

my mood feels as pretty as this.

all sunshine and blue skies.

there’s still a ton of things to clear from my table and its surrounding floor area, books to finish reading before 2011 ends, a satisfying year to review and reflect on, resolutions to finalise for the coming year, presents to buy and wrap and cards to write, not forgetting a style of my own to figure out and a wardrobe to build as i inch closer and closer to the big 3-0.

these are exciting (and really fun) times for me but my procrastinating self still found reason not to get started on any of the above over the long weekend. instead, i went for 3 long overdue beauty sessions, did some x’mas shopping, attended an art exhibition, lived vicariously through the dancers on “so you think you can dance season 7” for a good half hour, had tea and you tiao in a mini convertible, had beer and enjoyed 30 minutes of non stop breeze at a sailing club, watched “you’re the apple of my eye” again, witnessed the less exciting half of the eclipse (when the moon slowly re-appeared) while eating teochew porridge at havelock road and cleared a significant amount of mess from my working area in the dining room.

what a relaxing 3 days. can’t wait for the longer break that’s going to happen one week from now.


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