111111 & 101010

one of my best friend text me something sweet on 11-11-11, something about being glad to share this magical moment with me. that rewinded my mind back to 10-10-10 where this same friend text me something equally sweet.

3 thoughts crossed my mind:-

  1. time flew by way too fast this year. 101010 felt like a few weeks ago – i was stuck in a iso meeting that day. 111111 – i was busy working too. 2 different time period, same busy situation.
  2. it’s great to have history with somebody. what’s even greater? to have so much history and still not hate each other.
  3. i really am not very good with bothering about the significance of dates like this because my eyes happened to rest on pamela’s clock when the display was showing 11-11-11 11:11. i had everyone looked at it and we were all like “woah, let’s take a picture” but no one moved and the display changed to 11-11-11 11:12. during this very moment, this best friend was at the airport sending me another text message to remember this moment – a message i didn’t read until an hour later. i felt awful because i obviously did not care about the moment very much and it was too late for me to wish him a safe flight because his plane has already took off.

maybe i need a 4th thought to cross my mind — i am a lousy friend — but that thought has not crossed my mind yet.


One comment

  1. isolatingspace

    hahaha. you are indeed a person who doesnt care much about such things. your friend will understand 🙂 you arent a lousy friend. just that you have too much on your list to bother about small tiny details…. 😀

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