looking back from here

writing doesn’t come as easily after stopping for a such a long time. i have been wanting to pen some thoughts down since last evening but am experiencing a serious case of writer’s block. it’s terrible, isn’t it? i mean, all i require myself to do right now is to put down in words some of the major moments in my life since the last time i blogged an entry of substance but even that is proving to be rather difficult.

if i were to broadly categorise my life in the last 3 months, it would be work, work and more work but with a little bit of fun in between. work has been crazily busy since the beginning of august and it is showing zero signs of slowing down – starting work earlier and ending it later doesn’t seemed to be helping much. i have been working weekends for a long time and i finally decided to give myself a much deserved break today.

i’m not complaining because being busy satisfies me. work has been nothing short of rewarding. one of the big highlights in the last few months was getting to travel overseas for work. it was a first in so many ways – my first time traveling for work, my first time to taiwan, my first time flying china airlines, my first time staying at the sheratons (miraculously, i had absolutely no fear being alone in the room) and my first time traveling with an american. it turned out to be a lot of fun – we worked hard but i still thought all 4 days were surprisingly enjoyable. i came back from the trip all ready to travel again.  i was even ready to be seconded overseas for a few years. chuckles.

in between work, i found time to drink. 2011 seems like the year to start opening up to alcohol. i used to wrinkle my nose at the thought or sight of it because we’ve never quite approved of my dad’s drinking habit. to be fair, he is not an alcoholic. the family just feels that he should be drinking lesser because of his health and naturally, he doesn’t see our point of view. so naturally, i equate alcohol with annoying people and behaviour. i first let my guard down in february 2011 – it was the chinese new year, it was my farewell and it was my first release from emotional turmoil – i guess all of it called for some celebration and i found myself gravitating towards the beers and wines for the whole month. that came to a stop after i developed eczema on the face – the doctor suspected alcohol and stress to be the cause for it. after picking up drinking again in september, i conclude that my eczema was stress related because i walked away ok after drinking a glass of wine and a gin tonic on thursday, 6 glasses of lager on friday, 2 cans of tiger on monday (i headed to gym right after) and had one bottle of tiger, a glass of lychee martini and shared a bottle of red wine with one girlfriend on saturday. that’s a lot of drinks by my standards but yay, no eczema!


it’s 12.30 now. there’s still a lot of things unwritten at this point in time but sleep’s more important to me right now.

goodnight. shall write more soon.


One comment

  1. Yu Hui

    Try flying every alternate week. I swear you won’t want to step into another plane for a while. hahaha

    But good that you enjoy flying for work! 😉

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