the spa retreat

holiday inn, batam. not much to rave or complain about the resort because however old the furnitures in our room looked, the important thing was that the bed and sofa were really comfy. anyway, the room was not what we came here for.

this was. the supposedly popular tea tree spa.

i had a 90 minute hair spa – it was really good; a 60 minute javanese massage – also good; and a 2 hour long massage, scrub & body mask – also good! i’ve not felt this relaxed in a long while.

to top things off, we bought beers and ordered room service after our evening spa. we were watching a very poorly done version of “journey to the west” which enjoying our sandwiches. nevertheless, it was a great way to spend the evening – just sitting on the sofa, eating, chatting, reading and watching tv. it feels very well deserved after a few months of hard work. 

spotted this cargo ship on our home. i can’t figure out why the ship was tilted so sharply to one side. it really looked like it was going to topple over.

and what a great way to end the evening with my favourite sunset. it always has such a calming effect on me.


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